Envivo Creative is an online marketing agency dedicated to uplifting entrepreneurs so they can serve their world with their message, passions, and talents.

Here is what I believe:


The internet is a beautiful and powerful thing that, when properly utilized, can create life-changing opportunities.


Every entrepreneur deserves the chance to harness the power of the web.


Everyone is an expert in something. That expertise is to be respected.


No entrepreneur can do it all on their own. Every business needs the support of other experts in order to succeed.


There are only 168 hours in a week. Entrepreneurs need to utilize every minute effectively, efficiently, and strategically.


Open, honest, clear communication is a key to success in any relationship.


Mutual respect of time, money, and resources is important.

I work with entrepreneurs to create and strengthen their online presence, something I call their “online megaphone”. Your world needs you. Let’s help them find you.

About Tara

I am Tara Wilder, owner and creative director of Envivo Creative, and I am obsessed with the power of the Internet. In my twelve years designing websites and my recent history working in the online marketing industry, I’ve learned so many ways the Internet helps businesses build strong online presences in their online communities. I founded Envivo Creative to help entrepreneurs navigate the endless possibilities of online marketing and to partner with passionate people who love hard work as much as I does.

With a degree in psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz, I bring awareness of people’s conscious and subconscious decision-making to my clients’ online marketing strategies. I am also certified in Google AdWords and love to spend time networking and reading blogs and books about personal and professional development.

Let’s chat about how great the Internet is.